Useful Info

Useful Info

Why Open Source?

Increased security

Well managed open source software benefits from an international community of software administrators and developers who are quickly moving to identify and patch any security holes. Proprietary software products can suffer from having smaller numbers of administrators and developers wo are monitoring the software. Also it is worth noting that as Open Source Software Code is open to your inspection – as well as to the inspection of thousands of oihers – you can feel more confident that your data is being processed in ways which you are comfortable with.

Increased stability

If there is a bug, the community move quickly to resolve. If you have chosen your Open Source application well, there will be a whole community of people out there who stand to gain or lose from the stability of the software you are running.

Avoid vendor lock-in

No one likes being tied in to a particular company. Avoiding unique supplier relationships is key to any business. Open Source support agencies such as TDM are proud to be evaluated on the quality of the service we offer. There are no licence fees, no claim of ownership over your code or your content. If you feel dissatisfied with us, you just ask for your software and move it elsewhere. No questions asked.

Low cost, often free

No licence fees, not now, not ever. No additional charges. No surprise. All you pay for is your hosting and technical support / end-user training whenever you feel you need it.


The code is open and therefore easily customised to suit your needs. Do what you like. Change the theme or language pack to reflects the way your organisation works and speaks. Add modules, add functionality. TDM will encourage you to contribute code you (or we) produce back to the community. But, the choice is yours.

Enterprise class software available

Just because it’s free, it does not mean it is bad. Some of the highest quality applications on the market today are Open Source. At TDM we believe this is natural consequence of the Open Source technology development and model.

Faster development/ reduced bugs

Rather than all of us working in our separate offices developing the same things, the Open Source technology model encourages developers to seek funding to develop new and innovative things. We are all leaping off each others’ shoulders rather than re-inventing the same wheels. It is also true that many pairs of eyes are better than one pair of eyes for bug tracking.

You can be involved in the development process

Even if your Open Source development doesn’t get folded into the core product code – which is usually maintained by a defined set of core developers then most applications have a 3rd party plugin/module framework. This means that not only can you develop something that serves your own requirements, you will also be answering the same problem for lots of other users. It is likely that community will develop around your own plugin/module as a result.
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