Software Management

TDM OssS professionally manage Open Source Software on Linux webservers with at least a 99% uptime guarantee. We are an approved G-Cloud supplier.

We like to help you feel:
• Free – Scalability on your own timeline & No Vendor Lock-In
• Secure – Enterprise-class software security

Different Approaches to Software Management:

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Hosted Software Managed Software Remote Server & Software Support
Shared Server cross cross cross
Dedicated Server (Virtual or Physical) cross cross cross
Server Cluster cross tick tick
Software & Server Set-Up cross cross tick
Performance & Availability + Monitoring & Response cross cross tick
Hardware Consultancy cross cross tick
Server & Software + Updates & Patching cross cross tick
Performance Management & Database Admin cross cross tick
Nightly Backups cross cross tick
Weekly Backups cross cross tick
Monthly Backups cross cross tick
Free Restore From Backup cross cross tick


TDM OssS offer 3 approaches for managing software on servers. You’re choice of approach will depend upon how mission critical your software is. A shared server runs multiple instances of a single type of software application e.g. Moodle and its database on a single box with an operating system optimised for that software. A dedicated server offers the advantages of control over your won performance levels. TDM can setup a server cluster of 2 or more servers which can offer the benefits of (e.g.) fail over support and load balancing.


eLearning Packages (PHP)


Please contact us for prices on these platforms: TotaraLMS, Mahara, Moodle & TotaraLMS For Apprenticeships


eBusiness Packages (Content Management-enabled Websites)


Please contact us for prices on these platforms: Drupal, Joomla, WordPress & Magento


eBusiness Packages (Business Systems)


Please contact us for prices on these platforms: Alfresco, ChilliProject & vTiger

Server & Software Setup, Monitoring & Response

TDM will provision a dedicated (physical or virtual) server for you on a software-optimised Linux server stack. We then supply 24/7 availability and performance monitoring with 24/7 Emergency Server Support ++ M-F/9-5 Software Administrator Support.

Hardware Consultancy

TDM OssS experts will give you cost-saving advice to help you determine the best hardware configuration for your unique organisational needs. Depending on how mission critical your software is, TDM will help you to set up and then manage: Software on one of our shared servers, a dedicated server or a dedicated server cluster.

Server & Software Updates and Patching

TDM continuously monitor security alerts & software version updates. On a weekly basis, we bring your software up to speed with the latest, greatest and safest standards for your software version(s).

Performance Management & Database Administration

Software and servers need to be tuned, databases need to be cleaned. You can trust the TDM OssS team to keep on top of things for you.

OPTIONAL: Nightly, Weekly or Monthly Backups with M-F/9-5 Restore Options

If you don’t organise your own backups, you may wish to commission TDM OssS to deliver this service, knowing that we can restore your software from a recent backup. You decide how regular you need your backups to be and how many back copies you want us to keep, for how long.