Design & Development

Design & Development

Software Development

Open Source
Software Development

Codeline Development, semi-bespoke & bespoke, customisation, extensions and plugins

Theming +
Web Design

Web & graphic design packages, theming & user interface

Systems Upgrades
& Integrations

Open Source systems need upgrading and can be joined together with single sign-on or even stronger relationships. Small pieces, loosely joined.


Some projects require particular outcomes by a particular date for a particular budget.

TDM OssS Quote on Specified Delivery


You/We Specify

You send functional and technical specifications to TDM OssS, or you commission TDM OssS to produce the specifications on your behalf


We Charge 50%, You Sign-Off Spec

We communicate with you until you have confidence that our understanding of your specification is thorough. product delivery date is agreed


We Manage, Deliver & Test

Our team of Project Managers, Developers, Designers & Testers deliver the software that meets your specification by the agreed date


You Sign-Off Your Product

You conduct user acceptance testing until we both agree that the product meets the original specification


Charge Final 50% & Ship

Final 50% of fee is paid on sign-off. Once settled, product codeline is shipped


Further Work Beyond Spec

Change requests and further requisitions beyond the spec are welcomed as a follow on project

Advantages & Considerations

• Fixed budget
• Specified outcomes
• Specified delivery date
• Higher cost than time-based
• Little flexibility during development


Some clients prefer a lower total cost of delivery with more flexible control over the delivery process.

TDM OssS Estimate on Agile Delivery


You Require

You describe your requirements to TDM in as much detail as possible


We Clarify

TDM make our best effort to clarify and understand your requirements


We Estimate & Charge

TDM send you a conservative estimate – with dated milestones – as to how much development is needed (measured in days, sprints or retentions)


We Develop, Report & Interact

You pay for estimated time and TDM OssS start work. We log activity and record progress in half day blocks. You can email, phone or submit tickets for change requests and further requisitions at any point during the development process


We Extend or Ship

Once estimated days, sprints or retentions are complete, TDM’s work stops until further invoice is settled. TDM ship the codeline on demand when you are satisfied it is complete


You Retain Time In-Hand

You keep any leftover time in hand and TDM credit that time against your next purchase of a sprint or retention

Advantages & Considerations

• Lower cost than budget-based
• Flexibility & control during development
• Difficult to budget
• No guaranteed timescale

Days, Work Packages, Sprints or Retentions?

Staffing Specialist Individual Multi-Skilled Team Multi-Skilled Team Specialist OR Multi-Skilled Team
Scheduling 100% Dedicated (7.5 Hours) By A Stated Deadline (5 or 10 days delivered) 100% Dedicated (5 or 10 consecutive days) 100% Dedicated (Quarterly or Annually)
TDM Project Management cross tick tick tick
Prioritisation High High (TDM Timetabling) Maximum Maximum
Lead In Time Typical Max = 2 Weeks Typical Max = 1 Week Typical Max = 4 Weeks Typical Max = 4 Weeks
Time Tracking (with time credit) cross tick cross tick